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Manage Mental Health

Complete Guide and Tips to Manage Mental Health While Working From Home

Earlier work from home was only witnessed during a long illness, travel, maternity leave, etc., but today the whole world is facing the Covid-19 pandemic & that turned office work into work from home. Covid-19 challenges the world all-around, whether it is the medical or business sector.

Many countries opted for a complete lockdown & that was the best decision for the citizens to stop the corona chain but, what about the employees who work in the office to earn income. The companies offered them work from home in the time of lockdown.

In the starting days of work from home, the people were excited, but they started feeling anxiety, insomnia, losing confidence, and even depression as time passed. It was too difficult to stay motivated all the time. Drawing lines between your professional and personal lives is important, mainly for your mental health.

The following are the tips to enhance your mental health while working at home during this covid-19 pandemic.

mental health
Follow the tips to stay happy and motivated during the working hours
  • Keep a proper routine- it is important to follow a proper routine.
    • Take adequate sleep of 6-7 hours, as that is enough for your body.

    • Do work out daily. 20 minutes of workout daily decreases the stress level. It enhances serotonin & endorphins levels in your brain that assist you to feel amazing.

    • Do ecotherapy as it is best for stress relief. It helps in reducing anxiety levels.

    • Do daily yoga-like- asanas, pranayama & meditation.

    • Wear formal attire while attending online meetings as it gives you a feeling of office & boosts your confidence.

    • Selected workplace
      • Choose a good workplace. Avoid using a bed or sofa during working hours.

      • If possible, use an ergonomic chair as it supports your neck, back & shoulder muscles.

  • Draw lines between work time and home time
    • A positive symptom is a change in behaviour or thought patterns, such as delusions or hallucinations.

  • The following are the positive symptoms of schizophrenia
    • Plan your next day at night.

    • Manage your time efficiently

    • Keep a start & stop time for work.

    • Spend enough time with your family.

    • Fix your goals of the day and work hard to achieve your goals.

  • Self-care
    • Self-care is necessary for your mental as well as physical health.

    • Take proper sleep.

    • Go to bed early & wake up early.

    • Eat a healthy diet.

    • Give time to your hobbies.

    • Consult immediately to doctors if not feeling well.

  • Stay connected
    • Stay connected with your colleagues via online meetings or phone calls.

    • Spend quality time with your friends & family.

    • Communicate with your distant friends virtually.

    • Using the above tip, you will feel active all day and even start enjoying your work from home. These tips give you motivation and direction, energy to do everything you want to do, and the capability to deal with the challenges you might face in life.